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What is Smart Battery System


Battery anxiety may be the feeling you experience when you are outdoors. Due to the battery in use during work, it often cannot accurately represent the actual remaining battery power and requires us to estimate based on experience. Experienced engineers know that estimating battery power based on voltage, whether it is the battery display on most batteries, an external digital voltage meter, or the voltage meter displayed on the connected device’s main screen, is a major problem. The biggest problem is that the voltage drop and discharge process of the battery are not linearly related. When the voltage is low to a certain threshold, the voltage drop speed will be very fast, but this threshold will change due to many factors such as battery status, power usage, and temperature. Today, we will introduce a controller to you to release your feeling outdoors.

What is Smart Battery System?

Smart battery, also known as Smart Battery System (SBS), is a branch and important component of modern power technology. A smart battery system consists of the following parts: System Management Bus (SMBus), smart battery charger, and smart battery.

SMBus is short for System Management Bus, which is used for smart batteries. The core idea of using SMBus is to transfer the control core of charging from the charger to the battery, so that the battery can control the charging process of the charger. This allows us to use only one universal charger to correctly charge current and even future battery products with matching strategies.

Features of Smart Battery System

This is just one aspect. In addition to traditional products, the intelligent battery system also has the following features:

High Precision

The high-precision battery gauge in the intelligent battery pack uses advanced algorithms based on battery electrochemical impedance, which is different from common voltage estimation algorithms. This algorithm can accurately monitor the battery’s operating status, including providing continuous and accurate monitoring even if the battery’s ambient temperature changes or the battery ages. In addition, even when the battery is not in the system, this algorithm can still monitor the battery’s status. This algorithm improves the reliability of the battery pack because it can ensure that we always have accurate battery information during the use of the battery pack, and can timely identify any possible problems in the battery pack.


The smart battery system is designed to provide a wealth of information to the host and users. This information allows users to have a more accurate understanding of the battery status. The battery status includes battery effective capacity, real-time voltage and current, historical cumulative charge and discharge times, remaining discharge time, and predicted life. This information is crucial as it allows for safer, more efficient, and accurate battery management. With this system, users can manage their batteries with more accuracy and confidence.

Moreover, the smart battery system can also provide production information about the battery. This information includes the battery model, manufacturer, and other critical details. By providing this information, the system can ensure that the battery is compatible with the device and meets the necessary standards. This feature is especially important in cases where the battery needs to be replaced, as it can help users find a suitable replacement more easily.

Overall, the smart battery system is a powerful tool that can provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their batteries. With its rich information and production details, this system can ensure safer, more efficient, and accurate battery management.


Smart battery is a highly secure battery that not only has multiple redundant security protections, but also can achieve battery safety protection even in case of some device failures. In addition, the battery will permanently record battery failure information for bad cause analysis. This type of battery has extremely high safety and can effectively avoid battery damage and failure, thereby providing users with a more reliable battery usage experience. Intelligent batteries can also provide more features such as charging prompts, battery life prediction, etc., enabling users to better manage and use batteries.


Smart Battery System has formed an international standard. Hosts designed using the SBS architecture can minimize non-repetitive engineering costs of hardware and software and easily achieve product upgrades and iterations.


In fact, intelligent batteries have been widely used in many fields, almost all laptops, as well as precision instruments such as medical, precision measurement, and aerospace technology, many devices use intelligent batteries to accurately control charging and discharging.

The standard interface of the intelligent battery usually consists of a 5PIN interface composed of +/C/D/T/-, where +/- is the positive and negative poles of the battery, which are docked with the load power supply port. The remaining C and D are the clock and data lines of the battery’s SMbus communication, which directly interact with the host microcontroller. The T pin is the external temperature interface of the battery or the identification pin of the battery. Some specific models of recorders or power distributors can read the accurate data of the battery in real-time, and estimate the time that the device can continue to use more accurately, thereby avoiding accidental power failure.

The related technology of lithium batteries is very complex, and this article can only make some superficial introductions. Generally speaking, due to the charging and discharging characteristics of lithium batteries being affected by many factors, the energy storage status of lithium batteries is not as intuitive as the fuel gauge of a car. Its charging and discharging behavior requires a special management system for optimization to ensure its stable and predictable operation, so that we can be freed from battery anxiety and focus on the battery work itself.

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