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How to Deal With Corrision of Terminal Connector?

When you turn on a battery that has not been used for a long time, you may have encountered a white and blue substance on the battery terminal.For example, the terminal corrosion of a car battery: the battery of a car is essential for the smooth operation of a car.It controls electronic equipment such as ignition, headlights, listening to radio or operating alternating current. Having a car stall in the middle of the road may embarrass many people. If you don’t have a jumper cable, you may find yourself trapped in a remote place.The same battery will corrode the battery terminal after many years of driving. You need to understand the cause and how to repair it.

Major causes of corrosion of battery terminals

The most common cause of corrosion of battery terminals is leakage of hydrogen or electrolyte in the battery.This may also be caused by the alternator slightly overcharging the car battery for a long time.Chemical reactions with copper clips are also not uncommon.

These are a few different reasons why you may notice corrosion of battery terminals.

The following is a more detailed list of the 5 most common causes of corrosion of battery terminals.

1. Hydrogen Leakage

The battery converts acid into electric current.Sometimes the hydrogen in the battery leaks and enters the atmosphere.It will react with other substances, causing corrosion of the battery terminals.

Depending on which side it forms, you can diagnose various battery problems.If it is on the negative electrode, this is a sign of insufficient charging, if it is on the positive electrode, it is due to overcharging.

2. Electrolyte leakage

This problem is synonymous with lead-acid batteries.Due to aging or damage, the electrolyte of the battery may leak and accumulate on the battery terminals.If you add too much battery water, the possibility of electrolyte leakage will increase.

3. Chemical Reaction in Copper Clip

Copper is a good conductor and is not easy to corrode.However, when current passes through the copper terminal, copper sulfate will be produced, causing corrosion of the battery terminal.

The blue precipitation on the copper terminal may indicate copper sulfate.Copper sulfate does not conduct electricity well, which is why you will start to experience difficulties in starting the car.

4. Overcharged

If your alternator overcharges the car battery slightly, it may cause corrosion of the car battery terminals.When your car is running, check your voltage with a multimeter to ensure that its charging voltage does not exceed 14.5 volts when you accelerate the engine.It may also be because you often use the car battery charger to charge the car battery too hard.

5. Overcharged battery

As mentioned earlier, if your car battery is too full, it may cause electrolyte leakage.Not all car batteries can be refilled, but you should definitely carefully check if there is a battery to avoid overfilling the battery.Now, when we know what caused the car battery to corrode, we need to know how to repair it.You can use some different methods to clean the battery terminals.

Ways to Sweep Corrision

1.Baking Soda-Aqueous Solution

If you want to remove copper sulfate from the terminal, you need some aqueous baking soda solution and a brush.First, make sure that the ignition switch of the car is turned off.Remove the battery terminal and use a brush to remove some corrosion.

Pour in the baking soda solution and continue to remove the corrosion with a brush.After completion, clean the terminal with some clean water.It is prudent to apply some wheel bearing grease to the terminals to prevent further damage.Some people may choose petroleum jelly, but this will not last as long as grease.

2. Soda Water

Most of the soft drinks we drink contain some carbonation.Pour some soda water on the terminal, then use a soft sponge to remove the residue.This works well without an aqueous solution of baking soda.

3.Cleaning and heavy corrosion

If your battery terminals are overly corroded, you need to use an aqueous solution of baking soda and an old toothbrush.First remove the battery terminal-the negative electrode should be in front.Mix the baking soda solution and put it in a cup.Soak each terminal in the solution, then soak for 20 minutes.

Wipe off the corrosive substances on the terminals.Pour in the soda solution and make a new one.Soak the battery terminals again while removing corrosive substances.Clean the terminals with water and let them dry or wipe with a damp cloth.You can also use sandpaper to clean the terminals.Apply some grease or vaseline and reconnect the terminals-starting with the positive electrode.

3. How to prevent battery corrosion

The best way to prevent corrosion of battery terminals is to ensure that the alternator does not overcharge the car battery.You also really want to have a newer car battery in good condition.Anti-corrosion spray can also play a role in preventing corrosion.

Let us learn more about several ways to prevent battery corrosion´╝Ü

1.Replace the Car Battery

Since leaking car batteries can cause a lot of battery corrosion, you may need to replace the car battery to prevent it from happening again soon.

In any case, it is recommended that the car battery be replaced every 5 years to always maintain good condition.

2. Copper terminal

These clips are one of the best clips on the market and help prevent further corrosion of battery terminals.The clip is made of tinned copper to ensure that the entire clip is in contact with the current.

3. Battery charging

One of the reasons for the corrosion of the battery terminal is that the battery is overcharged or undercharged.The manufacturer’s manual usually has the recommended battery voltage.Make sure you are not charging it with a car battery charger.

In addition, use a multimeter to check the voltage of the car when it is idling.If the alternator is charged more than 14.5 volts, it means that there is a problem with it.

4. Anticorrosive Spray

There are various sprays on the market that can prevent terminal corrosion.

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