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What will Affect the Price of Lithium Battery?


People often give evaluations of “expensive” or “cheap” when buying digital cameras and mobile phone batteries. Currently, portable consumer electronics products often use rechargeable lithium batteries. In other words, the question is whether the price of lithium batteries is reasonable or not. This needs to start with the composition of lithium battery prices. Since its inception, the price of lithium batteries has always been very high, mainly because its positive electrode material is different from ordinary batteries, and the different types can easily cause significant price differences. In recent years, as new energy has become more and more popular and has been applied, the price of lithium batteries has slowly fluctuated downwards. The main factors affecting the price of lithium batteries are not only the difference in their raw materials, but also other factors that affect their cost prices. Below, we will introduce you to the price of lithium batteries and the factors that affect their price.

Chemical Material

Generally, lithium-ion batteries are composed of positive and negative electrode materials and electrolytes. Therefore, the fundamental cost price cannot escape from some chemical materials already existing in nature. Therefore, the use of different chemical materials will lead to a huge difference in price. However, some chemical materials in nature are very limited, so in the process of use, the more rare materials are used, the higher the price naturally becomes.

Battery Capacity

As we all know, the larger the capacity of a unit battery, the lower the cost. This has been scientifically proven through statistical analysis, and is therefore the second main factor affecting the price.

Charging Speed

The charging speed is closely related to the complexity of the battery’s internal design. If we want to reduce the cost of lithium batteries, we must change the design to enable faster charging. However, breaking through this design bottleneck requires more investment, and the cost has already increased from the source of design, which is one of the important factors that keep the price high.

Selection of Lithium Ion Battery Models

The selection of lithium ion battery models with different raw material management systems will affect the prices of all electric vehicle lithium batteries. Depending on the different positive electrode materials of the batteries, there are various lithium ion battery models with different raw material management systems, such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, etc. The working voltage service platform, safety performance, cycle system application frequency, specific energy, operating temperature, etc. of the lithium ion battery models with different raw material management systems are also different.

The prices of lithium ion batteries from different well-known brands can also vary greatly. The overall price gradient direction can be divided into: special lithium ion batteries, Japanese, Korean, domestic (domestic can be further divided into first-line, second-line, and even fifth-line, sixth-line) lithium ion batteries with different well-known brands but the same raw material management system. The price difference can be very large. Moreover, the quality of lithium ion batteries from different well-known brands that survive in the sales market is mostly positively correlated with the price.

Requirements and Design of PCM for Lithium Batteries

Basic Maintenance: Basic maintenance includes overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overload protection, and can also improve temperature protection according to product requirements.

Communication: Communication protocols can be divided into I2C, RS485, RS232, CANBUS, HDQ, SMBUS, etc. There are also simple displays of battery power, which can be selected with a Coulomb meter and LED indicators.

Requirements and Design Plans for Lithium Battery Casings

Although many people may say that the external packaging of lithium batteries always seems to be a few solid-colored plastic packaging options, in reality, in order to promote better environmental protection and to better protect the environment, many battery manufacturers have started to slowly use more environmentally friendly materials. However, the ideal environmentally friendly materials are currently more expensive, which means that the cost of lithium batteries cannot be lowered.

The selection of the casing and packaging type used for lithium battery packs mainly depends on the actual requirements of the customer’s product. For the packaging type that uses PVC heat sealing, it is generally suitable for situations where the total number of lithium battery cells in series and parallel is small and the overall net weight is relatively light. However, for lithium battery packs with an overall net weight ≥1 kg, support brackets must be added in the middle of the lithium battery cells, and after external fiberglass board safety protection, PVC heat sealing can be used.

Plastic casing: mainly, since different lithium battery pack shapes may require mold making and tooling, the cost of making molds is a large expenditure. If the product is not yet formed during the early stages of development, a hand-made model casing can be used for sampling (the compressive strength of the hand-made model is not as good as the material’s compressive strength after mold making). Different material and processing technology requirements for the casing (especially for three-proof regulations) will also affect the cost.

Metal materials: Like plastic casings, if the product is not yet formed or the total number required is small, it is recommended to use sheet metal samples. This is mainly because the delivery time for sample production is shorter. If the quantity is large, it is also recommended to make molds. For plastic casings with waterproof level requirements, this will also greatly increase the cost.

Production Scale

Assuming that the current production scale needs to be quickly expanded, it is expected that the market will also expand synchronously. The situation of supply shortage in the current market can also be resolved. The high prices of lithium batteries will gradually decrease as the demand decreases. However, it should be noted that the current market situation cannot be resolved in a short period of time. Therefore, the factors affecting the price in this area may not be particularly hopeful at present. Of course, one day, when people’s demand for lithium batteries is not so high, its price will slowly come down.


The above is about the price of lithium batteries and the factors that affect the price of lithium batteries. Of course, with further research and changes in the market, these factors affecting the price may slowly change. However, if you want to purchase high-quality and cost-effective lithium batteries, you can still contact us. We guarantee that every battery cell produced is of sufficient quantity and capacity, and the consistency of the battery cells is high, which is suitable for customers who have quality requirements.

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