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The Differences between EC3 VS EC5

ec3 vs ec5

We commonly used model connectors are just a few, EC2, EC5, EC3, T, XT60, XT90, XT150, AS150, etc. The values of these connectors are different, including the degree of heat resistance and maximum load current value are different, so the application of the equipment will also be different. The values of these connectors are different, including the degree of heat resistance and maximum load current, so the application of the equipment will also be different.

In this article, we will focus on the differences between EC3 and EC5.


What Are  Connectors?


A connector, as the name suggests, is the tool that connects the battery to the device’s power system. It’s like the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart and give it power. Through the connector, power is able to be delivered to the RC so that your RC has power. Once your RC is up and running, enjoy your fun time.


Here are some basic parameters of the EC3 connector vs EC5 connector.


Features EC3 EC5
Dimensions 25mm x 17mm x 8mm 34mm x 20mm x 10mm
Load 60 Amps 120 Amps
RC 25A 40A
MC 50A 90A
Temperature -20℃ to 120℃ -20℃ to 120℃
Pin Type 3mm bullet pins 5mm bullet pins



Here we will also provide you with some information on other connectors to see if this information will be helpful to you.


1.EC2: EC2 connector is resistant to 20A current.

2.T: stable and continuous 30A, up to 45A.

3.XT60: Resistant to constant 45A, up to 100A.

4.XT90: can withstand constant current 60A, peak 100A.

5.XT150: can withstand constant 90A current, peak 120A.

6.AS150: Connected to silicone wire can be continuous current resistance 100A, peak 150A or so.


After learning a little bit about the other connectors, let’s go back to the comparison between EC3 and EC5.

Of course, the comparison is not over yet, the information above is not enough, let’s move on.


The Differences on Size vs Consturction


First of all, in terms of size and construction, the EC3 connector differs from the EC5 connector.

From the table above we can clearly see that the EC3 is about 25 mm long and 17 mm wide, which means that the EC3 has a smaller overall profile and is lighter in weight. At the same time, they use true “bullet” connection pins, and because they have a larger surface contact area, bullet pins can help make better connections.

Then, let’s take a look at the EC5 connector. EC5 connector is basically an upgraded version of EC3, it is longer, wider and bigger than EC3, and EC5 can carry higher current. But because the size of the RC model is limited, so when you are making a choice between these two connectors, you may want to see if your RC is big enough first.


The Differences on Prices


In terms of price, the EC5 connector is much more expensive than the EC3 connector, twice as expensive as the EC3.


The Differences between EC3  vs EC5 on Load


Connectors, like batteries, have an amperage load value. By knowing the load value of a connector we can know how much power it can transmit. So let’s do a comparison in this regard.

The EC3 connector is capable of handling up to 60 amps of continuous rated current. And the EC5 is stronger, it’s more capable, it can handle up to 120 amps of continuous rated current. And the higher current capacity can give your RC more power and faster speed.

The Differences between EC3 vs EC5 on Application


Depending on the EC3 and EC5 characteristics, they are therefore suitable for different devices.

EC3 connectors are widely used in and medium-sized RC airplanes, RC cars, etc. They are suitable for those smaller lithium polymer batteries. And, more important, EC3 is safer.

The EC5 has a larger capacity battery and more powerful equipment to provide support, so EC5 connectors are generally used in large RC models or race level cars. On these devices, the more battery power they have, the faster they are, which is why they need the ec5 instead of the ec3.

Also, in terms of compatibility, the EC5 connector can be used with multiple lithium polymer batteries connected in series without stress.

Another problem with EC3 is that it is very difficult to solder. You can convert EC3 to EC5 by soldering it with wires, but this is more difficult. Also, once you solder the EC3, it will be difficult for you to take it apart subsequently.

So, now comes our conclusion part.




In fact, the ec5 is an upgraded version of the ec3 connector, they have similarities in some places, but they are different and suitable for different RC. ec3 or ec5? This issue requires a choice based on the specific situation.

On the medium-sized RC, ec3 is certainly the best choice, because it is more suitable for this type of equipment, and the price is also more advantageous. On some small operations, such as lighting, ec3 is also perfectly adequate. And because those large RC need more power and power, so ec5 connector will be more advantageous than ec3, it can bring you a more extreme experience.




Are EC3 and EC5 the same?

Bascially, yes. They’re almost the same in structure. You could consider that EC5 is kind of bigger and stronger version of the EC3. And more important, they share the same pros and cons.

Can I use EC5 to replace EC3?

Yes, but the premise is that you need to make sure your RC have enough space for the bigger size of the EC5, and whether you’re not afraid to spend more money, before you use it.

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