12.8V 100Ah Deep Circle LifePo4 Battery

FP Battery is China top 12V 100Ah deep circle LifePo4 battery Manufacturer and Supplier , it makes all kinds of lifepo4 battery: voltage ranges: 3.2V , 6.4V, 9.6V, 12.8V, 18.5V, 22.2V,25.9V, 29.6V, 33.3V,36V Lifepo4 Battery .

LifePo4 battery is really the latest state of the art technology in rechargeable batteries. It is relatively light weight and high energy density with low self discharging rate compared to any other rechargeable battery chemistry.

Lifepo4 batteries are now widely used for solar panel, solar light, solar storage,Boats, E-Bikes, E-Scooters, Small Vehicles, Energy Storage etc

12.8V Rechargeable LifePo4 Battery

Why Buy From US

Reliable Performance

No leakage, No memory effect, excellent charging and discharging performance and long cycle life. Protection circuit function: over-voltage, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit protection, over temperature protection.

Direct LifePo4 Battery manufacturer

No lifepo4 battery vendor involved, ie, more mark up on your products and better after sales service, as we have techinician to get your problems sovled on the first day.


Keep the cells in 40%-60% charged state during long period storage. We recommend to charge the battery every 3 months after receipt of the battery and maintain the voltage 12.8-13.5V, and store the battery in a cool and dry place.

Wide Application

Suitable for portable DVD players, bluetooth devices wireless devices, wearable electronic devices, PDA and digital cameras, GPS, monitoring units,  e-books,  tracking devices,  blood oxygen tracking equipment, pulse monitors, smart home systems.

Hassle Free After Sales Service

For Any batch of our batteries within guarantee period, we will send new replacement batteries to you on our cost, no returns needed.Our batteries can be pre-built with battery protection circuit.

OEM/ ODM acceptable

OEM & ODM services for special requirement on battery dimension, battery capacity, battery control board, battery connector

12.8V 12Ah lifepo4 battery
LifePo4 Battery Cell
Protection Circuit (BMS) included
M6 M8 or other bolts
Plastic battery enclosure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we place an sample order?
A: Please kindly send us your battery requirement
1 battery discharging current
2 battery capacity
3 battery dimension
4 potential bulk order quantity
and we will find the most suitable solution for you, you can then pay us by PayPal or Credit card.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: 100 PCS per SKU.

Q: What’s the delivery time?
A: The delivery time is 7-15 days after your payment.
Below is timeline for your refrencer

USA: 5-8 days
EU/UK: 7-10 days
AU/New Zealand: 5-8 days
Canada: 15days
Japan/Korea/Singapore/Malaysia: 3-4 days

Q: How would the batteries be shipped?
A: We ship via UPS, DHL, FedEx for urgent orders, and most of our clients would choose to ship by air and local Fedex or UPS to save cost .

Q: Can we get some Lifepo4 Battery samples for test?
A: Sure, Lifepo4 Battery Samples are always available for you, but the sample cost and freight cost should be paid.

Q: Where are you shipping from? A: We are shipping from shenzhen, China

Q: We just started our business, and we want a small batch, can you do that?

A: Yes, we don’t have MOQ for Lifepo4 batteries

Q: Where are you shipping from?

A: We are shipping from shenzhen, China

Q: Can I track my LifePo4 Battery order shipment?
A: Yes, we will send you the tracking No. after your batteries shipped.

Q: Can you make customized lifepo4 battery?
A: Yes, we can custom lifepo4 battery as per your design. Mainly like follows
1 Custom battery dimension
2 Custom battery capacity
3 Custom battery discharging current(up to 150C)
4 Custom battery mangement system, like CAN, RS485 communication
5 Custom battery discharging temerature as lower as -60°C
6 Custom battery shape, like  Round Lifepo4 Battery,Triangle Lifepo4 Battery, Rectangle Lifepo4 Battery

Q: What is the lead time for mass production?
A: It depends on the actual situation: if with stock, the lead time will be 7~10 days.
If without stock, that will depend on your order quantity, usually within 15-30 days.

Q: Is there any warranty or after-sales service?
A: 15 months warranty against defective lifepo4 batteries,starting from shipping date.

Q: Can you explain more on how would you warranty your Lifepo4 Battery?
A: For each shipment, we have SN or production number with it, once defective within 15 months, we will send new replacement or refund for the defective part.

Q: How do we make the payment?
A: We accept T/T, Western Union, PayPal, if you prefer other payment, please contact us.

Q: Can your factory print our logo/brand on the battery?
A: Yes, and we will do this free of charge.